2015 inspired by coffee,

My year as an international
independent consultant

In which I broke my travel record, changed offices (twice), facilitated 100s of one-minute classes, read 39 books, and launched two games (amongst others).

Some of the highlights:


Countries in which worked,
including 4 new ones

(Ireland, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland)

Most memorable flight

Nuuk – Reykjavik. 3.5 hours in a DASH-8 over a frozen world.

Most terrifying airport transfer

Istanbul. 160kph in a Fiat that ignored all traffic rules.

New year resolution

Compensate all work-related carbon emissions.


Co-working spaces I call(ed) home

(The Thinking Hut, Spring House)

New wifi networks connected to


Favourite startup I shared a roof with

The social shoppers from What About Leo.

Most international conference call

Discussing the MuseAwards with jurors from Australia to Brazil.


Workshops, keynotes,
lectures  and other sessions

Photo: Rainer Kurzeder

Most unexpected weather

A sunny day in Trondheim, in November!

Coolest conference gimmick

Internet Festival, Pisa, which came with the best ice-cream of Italy!

Favourite warming up exercise

The one-minute classroom.

‘I am here because I compared a visit to a museum to a visit to the dentist.’

Bridging the Gaps, Jerusalem, June


Books I read for pleasure

(But I couldn’t keep up with my wish list)

Best fiction / non-fiction

H is for Hawk / My Promised Land
(A trick to reading only 5* books)

Sharing knowledge

Organised two workshops for cultural innovators, with Paul Clifford and Luca Melchionna.

(And I’m afraid I also binge-watched House of Cards Season 3, the last season of Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Marco Polo, Jessica Jones, and a thing or two more.)


Backers of Cards for Culture

Developed together with Erik Schilp

Most hands-on day

Packaging Cards for Culture with Erik Schilp and Robin Stam.

Largest order of pawns

1,000, for the Consumer Journey Boardgame.

Favourite WordPress theme

North Bridge.

‘More action-driven than a management book, more long-term than a conference and less expensive than a consultant.’

Cards for Culture – Museum Edition

Thank you for making all this possible:

Erik, Jim, Paul, Luca, Ine-Annet, Robin, Jenny, Margherita, Cecile, Pier Giacomo, Don, Justyna, Jo-Anne, Pauliina, Fabrice, Deborah, Ann Siri, Juliette, Kacy, Uma, Lee, Gianluigi, Lidia, Afanasy, Ruben, Hein, Mariska, Joost, Elke, Ela, Rosemary, Maurizio, Hester, Paula, Wilma, Marleen, Björn, Mylee, Olmo, Luis, Erik, Sanne, Giancarlo, Tiziana, Alberto, Alessandro, Ivana, Beverley, Tali, Emma, Petra, Daniel, Christoph, Hanna, Vinnie, Anna, Linde, all Cards for Culture backers, MuseumNext Open Stage participants, all workshop attendants, everyone in the audience, all the people I forgot, but most of all…


Marriage, with my #1 supporter,
coach and friend 

Thank you!!!

Have a wonderful 2016!

I’m looking forward to working with you in the new year

Feel free to connect: