I’ve been doing quite a few webinars lately, which is a fun and affordable way to work on strategy with geographically dispersed teams or do capacity building with organisations halfway across the globe. Apart from the benefits, there is obviously a different dynamic when working with teams remotely over an (at times tricky) internet connection. There’s less non-verbal interaction, more distraction, discussions have a different pace, etc. As I’m a

Next week we’re in Sarajevo to participate in a conference that will help regional institutions develop and increase their capacity. Among the many things we’ll be doing, I will give a workshop about the very basics of web and social media for people and organisations with limited time, budget and other resources. In preparation I’ve updated a list with low-budget and easy-to-do online and social media activities for cultural institutions,

Recently we launched Coffee for Culture, a new award competition for the best cultural venue to drink a coffee. It gained quite some traction in its first week (although we still need your votes and nominations!). We didn’t just start the award to compete with Tripadvisor though. It’s also our proof that crowdsourcing on your own platform doesn’t have to be rocket science. It can be cheap and accessible to