I’m just back from Germany where I did a workshop on social institutions for a group of international fellows working in German cultural institutions. They were some months into an 18-month placement and over dinner the conversation turned to making change happen. How much can a (junior) staff member change an organisation in a limited time? Very much, I believe, if you put your focus right. Some years ago a

Last time in this series we looked at creating a shared language to talk about ideas. The ultimate expression of this shared language is an organisational vision that is alive. Probably your organisation has a vision and a mission statement. Maybe you even know the vision by heart. (You should know it by heart, but unless you’re the CEO it’s probably not your responsibility you don’t.) Having a clear vision

A couple of months ago I facilitated some digital strategy sessions at a smaller organisation. Everything was going well and participants debated energetically with each other. After a while, however, it became apparent to me that every discussion, every game, every assignment resulted in the same two groups discussing a variation of the same theme. Although the group explored lots of options, they continued to disagree on the same thing,

Last year I wrote an essay for Schreef, the magazine of the Dutch Foundation for Literature where I am on the advisory board, about new business models for writers. This article sparked a journey that reached a new highpoint last night and which, to some extend, serves as a personal poster child for the value of giving and receiving in the social media age, as well as how this can

Giuliano Carmignola is a celebrated violinist. During my recent holiday I saw him play alongside the Venice Baroque Orchestra in the beautiful old town of Dubrovnik. Or, rather said, I saw him lead the other musicians through two hours of energetic baroque and three encores. I was blown away, not only by the music but also by the powerful presence of Carmignola. The concert gave me a unique insight in

At the close of a frantic first quarter and the verge of the roller-coaster ride Q2 will be, I’d like to tell the tale of how – months ago – we gamestormed our business model together. Business model generation is a tough job, but it can be productive fun. What we now know as Inspired by Coffee was born on a table amidst post-its, markers, coffee cups and two great