Aug 2014

100 projects

This week I realised that in my active career I will do approximately 100 different projects. Fifty working years, six months for a decent project, two projects per year. Presentations don’t count, nor do blogposts and most of my portfolio; they’re not substantial enough. 100 real projects. It’s an estimate, but it must be close.

Currently I’m at project #25: Developing a toolkit and approach for consumer-centric innovation at a large multinational. Of the previous projects, I remember some better than others:

#5: Advising a village in rural Sudan on its agriculture (fictional but fun).
#11: Organising a study and sports trip to Tanzania.
#15: The National Vending Machine.

Project #25. Only seventy-five left, 100 projects is not a lot. The number pales in comparison with the 3,000 books I expect to read in my life. It’s my firm belief that one of these projects will make me a millionaire. If not, I will never be able to finance projects like #41: Learn to speak Arabic, preferably in the region. Seventy-five shots left.

The number 100 is arbitrary. I just happen to be an easily enthused person with a wide range of interests. Other people do one or two projects all their life and do them well: build a company or liberate a country. Others again do thousands of smaller projects, each of them valuable.

100 projects, give or take. It kind of makes me want to do the next bunch. And, considering the first batch brought me to over twenty different countries and took me from teaching English to learning about big data and a whole range of different topics, I’m also looking forward to the journey ahead.