I’m just back from Germany where I did a workshop on social institutions for a group of international fellows working in German cultural institutions. They were some months into an 18-month placement and over dinner the conversation turned to making change happen. How much can a (junior) staff member change an organisation in a limited time? Very much, I believe, if you put your focus right. Some years ago a

Last time in this series we looked at creating a shared language to talk about ideas. The ultimate expression of this shared language is an organisational vision that is alive. Probably your organisation has a vision and a mission statement. Maybe you even know the vision by heart. (You should know it by heart, but unless you’re the CEO it’s probably not your responsibility you don’t.) Having a clear vision

How can you help an organisation transform to be better adjusted to the 21st century? Last week after a lively guest lecture at the Reinwardt Academy about transformations in technology, society and the role of culture, a student asked me this enticing question, one that will likely trigger a set of blogposts. How do we turn ideas about the future into successful day-to-day action? Change has been a constant in