About Jasper Change agent, innovator and facilitator specialized in culture, heritage and the arts

Jasper is a change agent, innovator and facilitator specialised in culture, heritage and the arts. With over 10 years of international experience he helps institutions deal with challenges, formulate strategies for the future and build successful teams. Jasper focuses on digital strategies, new media and technology, audience development and innovative business models.

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Some of the projects Jasper is currently involved in:

Dutch Waterline Museum

In the heart of the Netherlands a fortress is turned into a modern-day museum. Jasper is helping them implement their digital strategy and media.

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Digital Engagement Framework

The DEF is a simple tool to structure your thinking about digital engagement. Download the free e-book or book a workshop.

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The Museum of the Future

For over 5 years Jasper has been blogging about recent developments in museums on his well-read blog The Museum of the Future.

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And much more, maybe for you?

Jasper is involved in multiple start-ups, regularly speaks at international conferences and is always up for a cup of coffee to meet you!

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Selected presentations

  • Opening keynote: Museums in times of social and technological change. April 2014, Canadian Museum Association Conference, Toronto, Canada.
  • Digital media and the museum visitor, opportunity or challenge? November 2013, Kun(st) for eliten?, Oslo, Norway. (video)
  • Emerging technology and future audiences. October 2013, Explore Conference, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Opening keynote: Public engagement and life-long learning in the museum of the future. October 2013, The Relevant Museum, Trondheim, Norway.
  • Digital media and the participatory museum. October 2013, Directions, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.
  • How technology can make couch potatoes love cultural heritage. February 2013, NCK Spring Conference, Östersund, Sweden.
  • Keynote: The future of museums is about attitude (not technology). December 2012, Sharing is Caring, Copenhagen, Denmark. (video)
  • How to up your digital game? Lessons to improve the new media and technology strategy of your museum. November 2012, Intercom, Sydney, Australia.
  • Opening keynote: Cultural institutions in the digital age: Spiders in the web(?). November 2012, II Foro Internacional de Espacios para la Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. (video)
  • Museum in 2022. February 2012, Infopresse, Montreal, Canada. (video)

Selected publications