It’s been a bit quiet around Inspired by Coffee lately. After a really successful first year, in which we worked with (at least) 27 different organisations in 12 different countries on diverse and exciting assignments, we have taken the past weeks to look at our own future.

‘Digital strategy’ is only a small part of the puzzle of running a successful organisation in the 21st century. Regularly, our solutions touched upon internal organisation, training, hiring and other areas of organisations. Also, strategy alone doesn’t get you far. Quite some of our clients called on us to help them navigate the often confusing world of implementing these strategies, making online strategies work, and creating high-quality websites and other online products. So, we’ve decided to broaden our scope in both directions, and to do so in two separate flexible companies.

Starting now, Erwin will continue working under the name The Wrong Songs. This agency for online strategy and innovation will focus on online strategy creation and implementation. He’ll put his experience in strategy development, user experience design and new media production to use to function as facilitator, project manager and sparring partner.

Jasper will continue running Inspired by Coffee, where he will be a partner in finding creative and workable solutions for 21st century problems, both in the digital domain and elsewhere. Inspired by Coffee will also start a series of pilots and experiments to create solutions for everyday problems.

Together, we will be able to offer full service to organisations trying the make most out of the opportunities of today’s world. Of course, we will do so with our signature processes of co-creation, gamestorming and focus on social service design. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more (details below)!

We believe that by making this bold move we can continue to grow and conquer the world in the years to come. Please subscribe to both our Facebooks (TWS/IBC), twitters (Erwin/Jasper) and websites (TWS/IBC) to stay up-to-date. We’re looking forward to all the exciting projects we’ll do together with you in 2013!

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