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Jasper Visser is Inspired by Coffee

Change agent, innovator & facilitator in the cultural and heritage sectors.

Hi, my name is Jasper

And I help public and private sector organisations and ambitious individuals with innovative strategies and new audience engagement ideas.

In the past 10+ years I’ve worked with clients from 20+ different countries (counting the Republic of Jämtland to which I hold a life-time visa) on digital engagement, co-creation, gamification, 21st century capacity building and tons of other topics.

I prefer to work in settings where value is more than money, and engagement is more than a successful sale. So apart from forward-thinking multinationals, I work with cultural and heritage institutions, NGOs, authors and artists and I’ve even worked with the biggest political experiment in the world.

My solutions aren’t predefined and range from facilitated workshops to long-term strategy design. I wish I could be more specific, but I fear our current-day challenges usually don’t have off-the-shelf solutions. Read on and I’ll show you what I’ve done.

My portfolio

Cards for Culture

Playful strategy development for culture

One hundred high-impact cards to strengthen and future-proof your institution.

Cards for Culture Kickstarter

The Museum of the Future

Participation and innovation in culture and heritage

The Museum of the Future started back in 2009 when I was asked by visionary museum directors Erik Schilp and Valentijn Byvanck to develop the new media & technology of the new Museum of National History of the Netherland. The museum never materialized, but the experiments we did proved a blueprint for cultural and heritage institutions around the world.

In the years since I’ve helped institutions around the world innovate and create value through digital media and new ways of working. On The Museum of the Future blog I have recorded nearly 200 cases of innovation in museums, many of them based on the work I’ve done internationally or conversations with the many bright people I’ve met.

Digital media and peacebuilding

What is the role of digital media and technology in peace building and conflict resolution? In other words: can the digital revolution ultimately make the world a safer and more respectful place?

The question has been triggered by work I’ve done with Cultural Heritage without Borders in the Balkans, online courses and communities I partake in and – in a way – George Clooney. I hope to be able to find answers in the coming years through a series of blogposts, articles and projects on the topic.

Read my introductory blog

The Digital Engagement Framework

The Digital engagement framework helps you identify the value creation opportunities of digital engagement for your organisation and develop the strategies, processes and technologies to structurally engage your audience to maximize your co-created value.

The Digital engagement framework is developed in close cooperation with professionals in a variety of industries, including consumer services, gaming, leisure and culture & heritage, where the framework was initially launched. Currently, it’s in use in 100s of organisations around the world.

Jasper developed the Digital Engagement Framework together with Jim Richardson from Sumo and 3,244 others. For a full disclaimer, all the tools and free downloads, check the website.

Digital engagement framework
Digital engagement framework sample

More recent work

Contact information

Jasper Visser
Studio Inspired by Coffee
+31 (0)6 4377 5704

Registration number 57113394
VAT number NL180946195B01


Photo by Rainer Kurzeder.

Jasper setting up a beamer (probably)

Jasper Visser is Inspired by Coffee

Jasper helps organisations create value with forward-looking strategies. As a change agent, innovator and facilitator he has worked for over 10 years on projects that put the audience at the heart of business, formulate strategies for the future and build successful teams. His clients range from cultural and heritage institutions to large multinationals and international NGOs. Among others Jasper has worked with the European Parliament, the State Library of New South Wales, the Mauritshuis and Philips. He is co-author of the Digital Engagement Framework, blogger and The Museum of the Future and can regularly be found sipping good espressos at a cafe near you.

Yes, I’m always looking for new projects.

Contact me when:

  • I can help you with the design, development and implementation of audience engagement activities or innovative projects. Games, apps, websites or more creative solutions: expect things to happen!
  • You need an (engagement) strategy that creates value, for instance with one of our renowned Digital engagement framework workshops (more info)
  • For a workshops or presentation that uses and inspires engagement and value creation in the digital era.
  • I like writing: blogs, essays, interviews. I’m not an academic, so scientific articles are a bit out of my comfort zone.
  • For coffee and to discuss random opportunities to create a meaningful impact in the 21st century.

Selected presentations

  • Presentation: The museum visitor of tomorrow. June 2015, Bridging the Gap, Jerusalem. (video)
  • Opening keynote: Social museums in a high-tech world. June 2015, Intercom 2015, Moscow.
  • Presentation: Van volger naar verdienmodel. April 2015, Bibliotheekplaza, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
  • Opening keynote: These 18 Facts About The Museum Of The Future Will Change Your Life. July 2014, New Media Consortium, United States. (video)
  • Opening keynote: Museums in times of social and technological change. April 2014, Canadian Museum Association Conference, Toronto, Canada.
  • Digital media and the museum visitor, opportunity or challenge? November 2013, Kun(st) for eliten?, Oslo, Norway. (video)
  • Emerging technology and future audiences. October 2013, Explore Conference, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Opening keynote: Public engagement and life-long learning in the museum of the future. October 2013, The Relevant Museum, Trondheim, Norway.
  • Digital media and the participatory museum. October 2013, Directions, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.
  • How technology can make couch potatoes love cultural heritage. February 2013, NCK Spring Conference, Östersund, Sweden.
  • Keynote: The future of museums is about attitude (not technology). December 2012, Sharing is Caring, Copenhagen, Denmark. (video)
  • How to up your digital game? Lessons to improve the new media and technology strategy of your museum. November 2012, Intercom, Sydney, Australia.
  • Opening keynote: Cultural institutions in the digital age: Spiders in the web(?). November 2012, II Foro Internacional de Espacios para la Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. (video)
  • Museum in 2022. February 2012, Infopresse, Montreal, Canada. (video)

Selected publications