Jasper Visser joined VISSCH+STAM as senior partner

Dear relation,

Happy news! Over the last four years Erik Schilp and I have successfully developed our own separate consultancy practices. Lately we have been working together more and more in one capacity or another. You may have seen our Cards for Culture – Museum Edition, or played Who’s a teacher? which we developed for ICLON. These and other projects have shown us that by joining forces we can offer a better service to our clients and present a more complete palette of strategic services. At the same time, we both have been relying a lot on the talent and creative insight of Studio Robin Stam. For that reason, as of today, we will continue our work in a new joint venture: VISSCH+STAM Strategic Services.

VISSCH+STAM advises organisations on their strategy development and transformation processes, and supports them in the development of innovative solutions to complex problems. The members of our team combine gusto and commitment with creativity, entrepreneurship, smart technological applications and a keen eye for design. VISSCH+STAM can build on the extensive international experience from our work for non-profits and NGOs, cultural and creative industries and our projects for private and public organisations.

VISSCH+STAM is a boutique consultancy with a contemporary approach to strategic design. We offer clients integrated and made-to-measure solutions to strategic challenges. VISSCH+STAM considers creativity a craft, and we do not believe in standardised solutions to complex problems. In close cooperation with our clients we develop measurable and clear methods that create sustainable change within their organisations. At VISSCH+STAM, we tend not to think outside the box. Instead we prefer to permanently increase the size of the box using our extensive experience and broad-based expertise.

In addition, VISSCH+STAM develops its own projects and products on a regular basis. These help clarify the challenges of today and provide tools and frameworks for our clients and the industries in which we operate. The knowledge we acquire in the creation of these projects, we put to practice in our consultancy. This ensures that our recommendations and output are in line with current best-practices and relevant trends.

Stay in touch,
Jasper Visser, Senior partner VISSCH+STAM Strategic Services